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Cameron McDiven



Better ideas, more often. For businesses already strong in risk and compliance thinking, this may present a new frontier.

When looking for new and better ideas the conventional wisdom is that ‘brainstorming' is the answer. And so hundreds, possibly thousands, of hours are wasted by people sitting in brainstorming sessions that rarely deliver a truly great idea. And, if they do, the idea could most likely have been identified much faster and with less effort using a different approach. The jury is no longer out; it has returned and delivered a verdict: brainstorming does not work.

Anyone who knows how the human brain works will not be surprised. But the more important question is: What should we do to generate more ideas? What has proven to actually work?

The answer depends on what you are setting out to achieve with any particular idea generation exercise, but generally speaking the broad objective is usually one of these:

  • You want to generate more ideas
  • You want to develop you own creativity
  • You want to lift the creativity of a team
  • You want to have employees come up with more ideas
  • You want to lift your organisation's ability to innovate