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Cameron McDiven



An identity is a system of visual signs that point to one unifying and motivating idea. As such, brand identities should be simple but not simplistic, meaningful but not overblown.

A corporate identity is possibly more than you think it is. It is actually the sum total of the visual aspects that form part of the brand, including logos, photography, icons, animations, signage, brochures and videos. Identity projects should therefore be holistic in nature. Radically changing any one part of the whole identity system renders it to be not a system at all and diminishes its impact.

Identity design projects can either be:

  • A refinement and extension of an existing brand that pushes it further
  • A rebrand of an existing business or program (possibly including a new name)
  • A brand development for a new business or program that starts from scratch

When this is needed:

  • New perceptions need to be quickly stimulated in the marketplace
  • Attracting the best team members requires a sophisticated identity
  • Cluttered markets require high impact design to achieve visibility
  • Complex or new offerings need to be explained simply and powerfully

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